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How Much Does Auto Frame Straightening Cost?

Car Frame Straightening Cost  

Auto frame straightening, in the collision shop world, is a vague reference that can mean repairing any part of a car that is not considered the exterior. In some cases, this damage can be quite extensive, while other jobs can be minimal, costing you less than you think as the frame will only require a few swings of the hammer.

The costs of straightening a vehicle’s frame greatly depend on the car you drive, how bad the frame has been bent, the complexity of the job, your location, and the company you hire to repair. With hundreds of people sharing online costs, the average cost ranges anywhere from $150 to over $5,000.

As most cars today are said to be “unibody,” which means the frame is one piece, and don’t have “frames,” when damaged, then it is possible to straighten one using special equipment; however, when the damage is too extreme, don’t be surprised if some refuse to work on it.

As to budget, the average shop will charge from $50 to $85 an hour, with the average auto frame straightening job taking from 8 – 13 or more to complete, meaning most jobs will cost you from $450 – $1,200 upwards.

For example, if your car is 100% assembled but the shop had to start removing parts, you will be charged $50 an hour. After that, they will spend around 90 minutes clamping and chaining the car, which will cost another $150, followed by a computerized test that will cost yet another $75.

So, you can see, sometimes, it is more cost-effective just to buy another car, than to get your old one repaired.

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