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What Equipment You Should See in an Auto Body Shop

How to Tell the Difference Between an Amateur and a Pro?

Are you in need of an auto body shop? If so you need to know what sets the amateurs apart from the pros when it comes to auto body equipment. Essentially, you need to find a professional that has a well-stocked body shop that offers all of the essentials they will need to bring your vehicle back to its original condition. There are certain pieces of equipment and tools that they will need regardless of the type of repair or renovation. The following are some of the most essential equipment you should see in an auto body shop.

Auto Body Frame Machine

This has to be sturdy, reliable, powerful, and offer as much versatility as possible. There are different styles and brands available, in addition to frame racks; if you fail to see these, then turn around and go elsewhere.

Miscellaneous Tools

There are other essential tools they auto body mechanics will use, which include the likes of anchors, dollies, remote-controlled winches, in addition, to push posts, and wheel chocks. Again, like above, if you fail to see any of these, leave and go elsewhere.

Anchoring Tools

Every shop will need anchoring tools when working with either a frame rack or a machine. The most common anchoring tools range from universal-style pinch welds, full-frame holding vises, frame stands, in addition to both clamps and vises that are designed specifically for certain models of cars.

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