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Types of Auto Body Repair

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If you have been involved in a car accident and your vehicle is severely damaged, you may be needing a repair service to bring back the new look of your car. Whether you need an auto repair or not, totally depends on the kind of damage or dent you have. You will most likely be given a few options such as whether it’s repairable or not. When this is a possibility, there are 3 common types of auto body repair services:

Dent Repair

Your car may be dented, but it still has its structural integrity. Although it’s repairable, it may be better to have the dent removed. This is because an auto body repair service can only do so much without doing damage to the undercarriage of your vehicle. When this is the case, have the dents removed and the damage repaired in its entirety. This is the best type of repair service.


In some cases, the simplest type of repair is to completely replace the car features such as the fender, door, bumper, hood, and trunk lid. Your vehicle may have structural issues that are irreparable. This can be a problem. You may not only have to pay for the repair of your car, but also replacement. Replacement is most often the best option for cars that are too damaged for repair.

Dedicated Car Covers

You can also ask them to give your car covered with a dedicated cover that is always on your car. This is what is known as a dedicated cover. This will protect your car from any weather conditions that can negatively affect your car’s condition.

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