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Is Auto Frame Straightening a Viable Option After an Accident?

Not Sure if Your Vehicle Can Be Saved?  

Depending on how much damage there is to your car’s frame after an accident, it is possible to fix the frame. Discover the factors that will determine if auto frame straightening can be done.

Safe but crumpled

Almost half of the accidents today will involve some kind of damage to the inner frame of the vehicle. One reason for this is, ironically, because cars are being built to be safer. Modern cars come with “crumple zones,” and will absorb some of the impacts of an accident, thus sparing the passengers.

Stay on the straight and narrow

Auto body shops will straighten damaged car frames with the aid of specialized machines, hydraulics, and powerful torque. These machines can push and pull your frame back into shape, depending on the extent of damage and the type of frame.

They will attempt to return your vehicle back to its original factory specs, sometimes using advanced laser measurement systems to make sure that everything is properly aligned and shaped. Ultrasound equipment may often be used to diagnose the extent of the damage before the process is done.

Car frame welding

In some cases, frame straightening methods will not work on their own. One possible alternative is cutting out the bent portions and welding new straight metal pieces. Welding can greatly reduce structural integrity though when not done properly. To make sure that the car frame is safe, the skills of a professional welder are needed.

Some frames can’t be fixed

Sadly, some auto body shops may advise you to scrap the car altogether, because it would be just too expensive to repair, or, the repair will not be effective. The bent frame can result in chronic poor wheel alignment and structural defects, meaning your car will never be the same again.

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