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Custom Auto Body Shop Aftercare Tips

Detailing Tips After Your Custom Auto Body Work  

For car owners who love their cars, most are ready to do almost anything to make their cars keep looking good. Some will invest a great deal of money on custom auto bodywork in order to heighten the beauty of their cars. It is, however, a great pity that after their vehicles leave a custom auto body shop, they fail to clean their car until it sparkles. If you are one such person, then this after-care bodywork post is just for you.

Using the basic tips below will help you to detail your car to the extent that one would think that a professional did the work. After all, how can custom auto bodywork be admired if the car detailing performed was not done correctly?

Drying glass surfaces in different directions

It is common to see streaks on the glass of your car, even after you have cleaned and dried it. To prevent this, make it a habit of drying the interior glass in one direction, and the exterior in the other direction. For example, horizontal for the interior and vertical on the exterior.

Never ignore cleaning the top of windows

If you are fed up with seeing smears, you should consider putting your windows down, and wiping the top part of the glass. If you do not do this simple job, dirt will build up in the window jamb, and this can result in streaking and other marks.

Treating your trim work

If you want your trims to be in the best condition possible, then you need to consider treating it using a black restoring powder. This needs to be done after polishing and waxing the metalwork surrounding it.

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