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Auto Frame Straightening Is It a Viable and Safe Option

Frame Straightening After an Auto Accident: Is It Safe?

If you have just been in a front-end collision, you may find that your fenders are crumpled up and the radiator has been pushed back in your engine. And you are left with 2 metal beams sticking out of your car. After such a collision, most insurance companies will write off your car. Still, you should look into auto frame straightening to see if it is possible.

What Constitutes Major Frame Damage?

Under all the parts and components that go into making up a car, you will have a structural support known as a frame. It is there to provide both strength and stability, more so during an accident, and has been engineered to precise specifications. Whenever the integrity of a structure has been compromised even a little, it is often referred to as “frame damage.” This is a broad term that will relate to any part of the structural frame.

How Much Does Frame Straightening Cost?

Estimates do differ greatly depending on the severity of the damage, however, a full frame straightening typically costs from $500 to $750 plus repairs to any other areas of the vehicle. This process is situational, so your best bet is to speak to a body shop and ask them to evaluate the vehicle before you plan on having any frame straightening work performed.

How To Tell if a Car Had Frame Damage?

A body shop will often inform you prior frame damage during an inspection. Another way is to have a detailed Vehicle Accident Report done to see if there have been any documented accidents in the history of the vehicle. You can also check for any damage yourself, however, you need to bear in mind that some damage is not always visible to the naked eye.

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