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Auto Frame Straightening Important Facts

Auto Frame Straightening: Why It’s Crucial for Your Car

What is Frame Straightening?

Auto frame straightening is the process of bending the metal frame of a vehicle back into its original alignment. This is the best method to get a frame back to its factory condition. It is, however, not an easy process, which means it requires care and precision. It should also only be done by highly trained professionals.

How It Is Done

To restore a vehicle frame professional-grade tools will be needed. Experienced professional technicians will use computerized tools to determine the correct alignment before starting their work. They will also use ultrasound technology to know the degree to which the frame is damaged and lasers to determine how much alignment is required. It is impossible to do this with the naked eye, which is why it is important you make sure the auto shop you use has all the proper equipment to repair your car.

A frame machine will be used to restore the frame back to its original shape with the aid of hydraulics and torque, this can not be done by hand. These machines will either pull or push a frame to straighten it.

Why It Is Crucial For Your Car?

Your car’s frame is not only just to give it a sleek and sexy shape. It is actually the vehicle’s skeletal structure, this is what stops it from collapsing on you. Not only that but these frames are created with numerous strategic crumple points. They are specifically designed to protect people within the car in case of a collision, by giving way at certain points. In layman’s terms, the vehicle is designed to crumble around you, without actually crumpling you.

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