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Auto Body Shop Negotiation Tips

How to Negotiate Cheap Auto Body Repairs

Vehicle body damage can often be extremely expensive to repair. And some estimates from local auto body shop services are often higher than you can afford. However, with some patience and good negotiating skills, it is sometimes possible to lower the cost.

Get estimates from multiple auto body shops, as this will help you to determine who has the lowest rates and how much the work will cost approximately. If you do not want to visit each shop physically, you can still obtain quotes over the phone.

Visit the auto body shop that gave you the lowest price and ask for a 10% discount. If the manager will not negotiate, tell him you have quotes from nearby shops and will take your business elsewhere unless he lowers his price. There is a 50/50 chance he will give you a discount. However, it may not be as big as you requested, just remember he is running a business and needs to ensure the shop makes a reasonable profit.

After you have agreed on a price and give your keys to them, tell the manager you want him or the mechanic to call you before the shop does any work other than what you initially agreed on. The stress you want to pay as little as possible, if you fail to do this, the shop could do work that you did not authorize, and give you a bill that is a great deal more than the original quote.


  • Always be polite when negotiating.


  • Not every shop is willing to negotiate its prices. If you come across such a shop, keep looking until you find one who will do the repairs for a price that you are comfortable with, and can afford.

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